Beneath a moonlit sky with a blanket of stars
I hold your hand and pull you close
Looking deep into your shiny eyes
My heart is froze

On a land so far away
On some mountain top we both lay
Nothing is what I hear
Except your beats when am holding you near

Silence around is not a void
We are singing a million hymns
Caressing gently through your body
In these placid emotions, our souls mine

Come closer to my heart, I say
Here is forever you are to stay
“You snuggle in so nicely, darling”
At peace, I smile all the way

Feeling those currents through your skin
Kissing your lips like an infinit dream
Melting my thoughts in your moonlit glow
All pathways open for our love to flow

Passion rises in the air
Sparks up the deepest flairs
We make it to a graceful embrace
It is bold, and our souls are bare

Want to capture this moment forever in my heart
Never want to let go this beautiful part
Time might fly into nights after days
But, Our world has been paused at this bay

Beneath those heavenly northern lights
Within each other we lie
There is now nowhere else to run
This One moment makes up for a million miles

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