The Fresh Smile…

Kiss you on the forehead
and caress you to wake you next to me
Cuddle and cuddle more
so its only you that I see

while resting your head on my chest
What is more pleasant
if such mornings are not the best!

My hands flowing thru your body
Painting those beautiful curves
I pull u closer to me
Listening to your beats and feeling your verve

Kiss you on your lips
And on your deep pretty eyes
Get up love
Its the morning where you Wana fly 😘

Unexpected turns

Surrendering yourself to the will of nature has its own charm. Since you are not the decider, you are not responsible for achieving anything. The beaten expectations of the results which we usually perceive, takes down a lot of stress. You are no longer worried what the outcome would be. You slowly and gradually move from “Why is it happening to me?” stance to “How do i solve it?”. You just work. And keep on working. Every little step towards a self defined purpose, knowing that the purpose too has not been defined by you.

Such is the charm of nature. It twists your thoughts when you surrender your free will. We normally try to control the events around us and ironically those events control our thoughts, emotions, actions, essentially Us. Once we surrender, we are no longer in control of events around and yet we are best in control of ourselves.

We know things are happening for a reason or for no reason at all. We do not care since that’s not we are meant to do. We are attached only to the universal truth since that’s the only thing deterrent to any change. This raises our bar of acceptance to levels unknown to common mankind. We accept happy events as events and sad events as events. Nothing destabilises the core, neither the excitement of something good nor the sadness of something morseful. As True happiness is what we seek as unattached to any events or people. Things most significant to others become insignificant to you. Everything plays down equal. You play along without the greed to grab, without the gluttony to consume, without the anger to divert, without any pride in the effort, without being envious to anyone, without any lust to person or occupation, without any sloth you just work and keep on working.

Unexpected turns nature would bring in your life. You accept everything and everyone with a smile, since you know this is not what your soul seeks. Its searching only for the truth, only the ultimate one. Rest all is just there to help you in the journey from the lies and the masks outside to consciousness and truth within. Keep walking the paths. Keep working. Let nature handle the rest for you.

Loops of past or an unending future!

There are times when you so strongly wish certain events in your life did not happen. Life would had been running as it was, simplified, no frills, days as usual making rounds.

And yet these events are important. Apart from considering anything else, they help define you; they define your life. Little do you realise in the flow, your life is suddenly blissful. It’s not the event which adds the bliss, but the involvement of your heart. You have been living a routine, true, but you haven’t been living your life. The life which sounded simplified was overly complex under layered masks of pretense. These events makes you see the naked side of truth and brings along a sea of emotions for all your masks to get drowned in. The complexity is gone and a simple emotion blossoms when the waters receed. The emotion of love, pure unadulterated all shining love.

You smile, for you know your smile is genuine. You have seen this side now and your routine stands falsified. You can’t go back since you know the apparent truth. You know its your heart which is talking now and not the manipulative mind. You are simple. You are pure. You are just you. You experience the joys as never before because they touch you at the core. Nothing else seems comparable as you have experienced the bliss and you know it can not be replaced ever, by any new event or person. Its gonna stay for your lifetime. Such love once touched, grows into a lifetime of affection between the souls. The physical contours will never define its limits; its ether and its bounded and rooted at a much deeper level.

You want that tree to grow. But these are events, and events are not permanent and they leave with a strong trace. They shape your thinking, your approach, your visions, and your soul. You know what you would long for. You know you will secretly hope for the event to happen again and last for infinite times. You hope the paths cross again. You hope but return to your routine, with a changed life, a changed you. But You never stop to hope! I hope…

Accidents don’t happen

No one is sent by accident to anyone…

Everyone who comes in your life teaches you something. Someone teaches you more, someone not so much. But the teachings are always positive. If you enjoy the company, it teaches you happiness of satisfaction over monetary pleasures. If you dislike a company, it helps you align your preferences and priorities; a fact that you are annoying too to someone and you just cant keep everyone happy. Its not that important too! We all have created a layer around us which we don’t want others to see. That layer pushes us to be pretentiously good to people, make them believe that we are something not so trivial, something that we not really are. It exhibits today in our need to show better display pictures and posting interesting forwards. That craving for attention from outside without letting yourself penetrate to our true self.

Embed those teachings. Learn from your worst enemy or your best friend. People come in your life to teach and only teach. They do not make you. Dont make the mistake to carve yourself by their opinions. Talk to yourself rather than identifying and judging your own self with the number of likes you get or what they gossip about you.

Only you know who you are. Appreciate every presence of the soul who has entered your life to teach you something, make you think and push you on your meaningful path. No one is sent to you by accident, they have a lesson embedded in them. Learn and move ahead.

Good morning!☀️

Gift of Present

#Discourse 3

There are times when you feel lost, without any sense of purpose; going through the routine set of chores and thinking why am I stuck? In work or marriage or job or studies or anything where u are doing something only for the heck for it.

You perform those acts only to finish the task in hand quickly, without much sense into the grooming and making of what gets delivered. You think its just the end since I have ended up having a bad marriage. You waste so much of your precious time performing those wasteful non qualitative acts, and on contemplating that only if I could have taken this decision, then I wouldn’t be here or thinking of ways to escape out of it towards a possible freedom. Dealing it by either cursing the past or contemplating an imaginary future.

Stop that habit immediately. Thinking of past decisions wont change a thing and random thoughts of possible future wont bear any significance UNTIL you combine it with the actions of your present. Present 🎁 is a wonderful state to be in. Plan your future but stay in the moment. Take actions towards a futuristic goal, step by step, a small hop everyday. Stop cursing where you are and why is it happening to you. Just surrender yourself completely to the nature’s will and enjoy the fact that you are better off than most of them around you. If you have a smart phone with a nice battery and camera, Believe me you are better off than most of them 😜; that you don’t worry about your two morsels every single day. The fact that you aren’t pelting stones to earn some 500 bucks or begging and staying on streets without a roof, or not forced to join any extremist groups or you majorly work in an air con environment. You are in that top 20% of the world population and that’s wonderful news! You have been lucky so far!

Then Instead of cursing your situation, wouldn’t it be wise to think if you are justifying your present. Are you achieving what you actually can? Or just wasting that opportunity by being negative about it the entire time? Each of us is gifted with so much potential, be it physical, mental, societal or spiritual.

Are we justifying those potentials?

If every action of yours, answers this question, then you are set on the right path to knowledge. Have a nice day 🌻

The real you!

Its you. Its always been you. But lost! Its always our own self we find at the end of that True Journey. The sooner you embark it, the better it is.

Rest of the paths with fellow travellers are bonds, no exceptions! Be it your enemy or your friend, your partner or any stranger. Some hold you, some pull you on another wrong path, and some show you the right direction. Some make you smile, some make you cry, some make you lust, some make your insides dry. But they are not you. Don’t question them because they are not you. They are not your strength or weakness. Its your voice which has the grit, grit to embark the journey in the right direction.

Discover yourself and not identify yourself amongst and with these bonds. Awake that voice within and set your goals. Just a small step in that direction and you are already hundred percent stronger than you were a moment back. Do not stop as that is where peace lies.

Go fetch it. Its all yours and only yours. No one can take it from you. Its just you, till the grave. Go get it!

All I want is you…

Plays which go on in my heart
Are beautiful in what they convey
Makes me feel so rich with emotions
All I want is you, they say

If you are the winters
I will be your snow
If you are the rains
I will be your flow

If you be the sun
I will be your light
If you are the moon
I will make you glow so bright

If you are dawn of light
I will be your dew
If you are one long night
I will make it beautiful with stars no few

If you are a mighty river
I will be the merging sea
If you are a petite flower
I will be your playful bee

If you are a sorry flaw
I will be that mistake
If you are pure and White
I will not be fake

If you are the truth
Then I will be your courage
If you are wisdom
I will be your gaze

All I want is you to hear
All I want is you to stay
Things so beautiful don’t come often
Wish am lucky to have you more at my bay

When I think of you
All I see is you smile
Makes me wonder how wonderful it is
To have someone so beautiful on my aisle

I hate to see you go
Hate to see you far
All I want is just your voice
Something so sweet I can always hear

All I want is you be happy
All smiling and rolling by
But give me some space in your heart
Where I can make you beat and make you fly

I will wait for years to swing
I will wait for suns to set
All I want is you in my arms someday
To love you like you would never forget

When I lay down on my bed
And about to close my eyes
All I want is you in front of me
Before my life goes by…

Holding me while I see you smile
Before I finally close my eyes…



It’s all hazy what I see
Even on a bright sunny Sunday morning
Sitting aloof having my morning tea

Counting my breathe as I know what the hours told
Ringing through my ears as times from my past unfold

Slowly moving on my rocking chair
Tapping the sides with my wrinkled fingers
Half opened eyes and a half broken heart
I lay gazed up, lost in my thoughts as they linger

A smoky drift in the air
A pipe lit up to pursue my flair
An ash tray filled with my life
Felt it was just days before when I was ripe

A roll of drop soothingly passing my cheeks
Voices of my grand children playing at their playful peaks
Family enjoying their brunch with songs
Yet I sit here alone, dunno where I belong

Life well spent or life half rotten
Still contemplating what’s a fair deduction
There was a time when I was a part of pie
Now it all feels like an incestous lie

Seemingly I did everything what a man desires
Yet my soul feels wanting for something more
May be an unfinished business of love remains
A constant thought of living through pains

Only if I got her in more of my moments
And my soul wouldn’t have had that dent
I would have happily lived a lie to boast
Singing songs with my family and raising a toast

That’s a quirk of my dreams now
And it might not have been as merry as I think
My heart would had been engrossed in its usual emotions
But my spiritual self would had been lost in the sink

Little does a heart realise that everything is just a fling of mind
It likes to be playful to keep us occupied
Howsoever you try to escape and hide from the naked verity
Its sure gonna find and haunt you to make you realise the ultimate truth or just another lie…

Is it just another lie?Tell me is it just another lie? ….




Tell me, is there a place
Or so I have heard it’s true
It engulfs your layered soul
And eliminates what stands of you

For I wanna disappear
In dark paths of infinite shades
Feel the misery of living
Until my thoughts are dead upon reaching the glade

Take me to this blank
Where all my memories fade
Let loose of my masks
Until I realize of what am I made

Tell me, is there a place
Hidden from the sins we share
Where I can walk up the path to my past
And onto the faded times of nowhere

Its burning in eternal flames of the dead
Or so they say
Let me go or push me there
Make me extinct to forget every single day

I can’t reach my soul
Its tattered into pieces of tearful feign
Take me there, oh take me to that land
Where I can discover my innocence again

Let dusk accept me in its fading glow
With a night full of sorrow and pain
Grate me down and torment me bad
Until I see the new dawn and be born again

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Yon being there
It makes my life afresh
You aren’t
And there isn’t a soul in this flesh

If you are there
It makes my life a hymn
You aren’t
And there are no tunes left to chime

Yon being there
I am filled with love in the air
Nothing around me seems just and fair

Your presence
Makes my day so sweet
And you not being around
Just leaves me so incomplete

If you there
Winds speak to me in accord
They are gusty and strike me like a sword

You being there
And I am always singing a song
When you resent
I don’t know where I belong

You are there
And I feel I got what I only need
I don’t even have an empty seed

If you are there
Am positively sailing to the coast
Your absence
Makes me just a wilding ghost

Your presence
Gives me a purpose to impress
It’s just narrow pathways leading my mind to a mess

If you are there
I see myself in the flock
There is everyone yet am alone in that block

Your presence
Makes it an exciting abode
Everything seems lost on this empty road

The energy, the warmth, the love
Your presence adjures
Becomes void
When you aren’t around and impossible to cure

I need you
To give me a reason to love, breathe and feel alive
Else I drift on my own
Without any reason to drive!

Your presence
Is an assurance of my life
Don’t make me walk alone
With my heart always in a strife

STAY WITH ME, be my strength
And I will go places
You not being around
Just fills me up with empty spaces